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The Cover Loft fabricates many quality cushions including custom interior and exterior cushions. Local customers can browse the extensive collections of materials and fabrics in the store or see selection shown online under products. We offer many fabrics, including chenilles, a variety of sturdy but soft synthetics, acrylics, vinyls, and even ultraleather which is very soft, easy to clean, and functional!

We offer three types of foam:

  • Exterior drain dry foam that water literally runs through. It does not absorb water and is excellent for when you donít always want to bring in the cushions. It is recommended that a Phifertex®, Textilene®, vinyl mesh, is the fabric on the bottom side of the cushion to allow the water to drain. Drain dry does break down in the UV rays if it is exposed.
  • Exterior closed cell foam that does not soak up water, and it floats, but it is a very dense surface and is harder than a drain dry.
  • Interior angel foam comes in many different densities, but a general, durable interior foam will be quoted. This foam is not meant to get wet but is very comfortable to sit and sleep on.
You can choose from the following materials for a quote. See the materials and fabrics section for color samples and details. We offer many other fabrics at our store for local customers, including ultraleather which is very soft, easy to clean, and functional!
  • Sunbrella is a dyed acrylic and is very durable. It offers a variety of colors, stripes, and textures, including a Furniture Fabric line, Comfort Sling, and Jacquards.
  • Phifertex® is a vinyl mesh screen and is recommended for the bottom of all exterior cushions.
  • Sunsure® is a thicker mesh that can be used with the closed cell foam.
  • Vinyl is a fine option, but it needs Phifertex® on the bottom when used for exterior cushions to allow it to drain.


There are several ways to attach cushions including Velcro, snaps, screws, and studs.

Submit your cushion measurements and we will quote you a price. Be sure to measure carefully and check the boxes with the preferences of foam, material, and other details that you would like. If your cushions have odd shapes or patterns, other than what is shown, please fax us a drawing at (410) 216-7982 and include the dimensions along with your contact information. If you feel more comfortable or have any concerns please contact us to discuss your custom cushion needs.

For long distance customers, we can duplicate or repair your existing cushions if they fit well. Just mail them to us!

412 Fourth Street
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: (410) 268-0010
Fax: (410) 216-7982


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