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Replacing your hardware or doing your product and installing hardware is easy. See our hardware products and feel free to contact us for anything else you might need. We carry snap installation tools, adjustable mooring poles, adjustable straps in custom colors, windshield clips, snap hooks, adjustable buckles, quick release pins, eye straps, jaw slides, split jaw slides, deck mounting hinges with a nylon pad, angled deck mounting hinge, concave rail hinges, eye ends, D-rings, slide track and Keder welt, stanchions or anything else. See the pictures below to find the item you need.

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We carry snap installation tools that include a Pres-N-Snap hand action tool for closing grommets and setting button fasteners. The tool comes with No.1 grommet and button dies. There are attachments available to install other hardware.
Adjustable mooring poles open to 70" overall and collapse to 40 5/8". Each has a 2 1/2" long swayed tip designed for No.3 grommet or larger.
We offer adjustable straps in custom colors and lengths as well as the other hardware items listed below — see pictures for what you need.
Windshield Clips
Snap Hooks
Adjustable Buckles
Quick Release Pins
Eye Straps
Jaw Slides
Split Jaw Slides
Deck Mounting Hinges with nylon pad, angled deck mounting hinge, concave rail hinges.
Eye ends or top caps
Keder welt for slide track

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