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The Cover Loft offers a full line of foam choices with different densities. Online we show three of the most popular foams: exterior drain dry foam, exterior closed cell foam, and interior foam.

To maintain your canvas and fabrics as well as prolonging its life, see our canvas and glass care information.

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Exterior drain dry foam allows water to run through it. It does not absorb water and is excellent for when you don't always want to bring in the cushions. It is recommended that a Phifertex® vinyl mesh, is the fabric on the bottom side of the cushion to allow the water to drain. Drain dry does break down in the UV rays if it is directly exposed.
Exterior closed cell foam does not soak up water, and it floats, but it is a very dense surface and is harder than a drain dry foam.
Interior angel foam comes in many different densities, but a general, durable interior foam is offered. This foam is not meant to get wet but is very comfortable to sit and sleep on.
We also offer aquabatton which is a thin layer of batting that fills out interior cushions nicely and gives them a rounded look while also making them soft to sit on. It comes in different firmness and thickness (3.5-5 in.).

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