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Fabric Accessories

The Cover Loft offers many accessories including zippers, a variety of threads, snaps/studs, snap installation tools, lift the dots/studs, turn buttons/eyelets, needles, grommets, Velcro®, binding and anything else you may need for your project or to replace on your canvas.

To maintain your canvas, hardware, and accessories, as well as prolonging its life, see our maintenance supplies and canvas and glass care information.

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The Cover Loft offers YKK Vislon® zippers in number 5 and 10 sizes. They are extremely strong and lightweight, but they differ from regular zippers because the teeth are made from Delrin® and the tape is polyester. The Vislon® zipper is corrosions resistant, is self lubricating (although we recommend some preventative maintenance) and is resistant to heat and cold. We offer both separating and non-separating zippers as well a variety of sliders. We carry white and black zippers and can special order colors.
We offer a variety of thread including polyester and Tenara® thread. Tenara® is a Gore-Tex® product that will not break down under exposure to sunlight, cold, friction, cleaning agents, saltwater, fuel or anything else. Invest in this thread and your thread will outlive your canvas! Threads come in pound, and 1 pound spools in many colors.
We carry snap installation tools that include a Pres-N-Snap hand action tool for closing grommets and setting button fasteners. The tool comes with no.1 grommet and button dies. There are attachments available to install other hardware.
See the hardware shown for lift the dots, snaps, and turn buttons.

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Grommets in a variety of sizes are offered.

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Velcro® hook and loop fastener is a terrific way to hold fabrics together or onto a boat. It creates a highly versatile, adjustable, and secure closure. The woven tape fastener has two strips that lock. The hook is covered with stiff little hooks, and the loop is covered with tiny soft loops. Velcro® can be opened and closed thousands of times, is snag proof, jam-proof, lightweight, and washable. It can be stuck, cemented, sewn, stapled, or mailed. There is pressure sensitive that has a sticky back or a standard back tape. 1-2 widths are available in black and white and sold by the yard.
The Cover Loft offers binding in many colors to match your Sunbrella® canvas. Different sizes are available in 100 yard spools.

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