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Large Covers

The Cover Loft fabricates many large covers for your convenience including camper tops, cockpit/tonneau covers, connectors, convertible tops, dinghy covers, flybridge covers, stern/aft covers, mooring covers, travel covers, and more!

Most of the items are custom and we would need to fit them to your boat, if you are located in the Maryland area. For long distance customers, we can duplicate or repair your existing covers if they fit well. Just mail them to us!

We offer many large covers.

  • Camper tops include several pieces. First there is a second top that extends back from the front top with a zipper. This top will maintain the same height and go all the way to the back of the boat. Then there are panels across the back of the boat and curtains on the sides to enclose the cockpit. Glass and doors are customized.
  • Cockpit covers also known as a tonneau cover can cover either the cockpit area or over-the-windshield and all the way back angled down to the transom. Glass and doors are customized for you.
  • Connectors are fabric pieces fastened at both ends with zippers or hardware to connect two tops or a top and the boat.
  • Convertible tops connect to the top of the windshield and is free standing in the back. They provide shade over the cockpit area and are supported by a frame.
  • Dinghy covers cover a dinghy and are customized depending on the style and your preferences for easy removal.
  • Flybridge covers are a cockpit cover for the flybridge. Cutouts and mooring poles are options.
  • Stern covers or aft covers attaches to the aft edge of a top and angles down to the transom. It is attached with zippers or hardware. Glass and doors are customized for you.
  • Mooring covers are full covers that cover all the way to the rubrail and is usually fastened with hardware; these can be used when the boat is in the water.
  • Travel covers are full covers that are attached with tiedowns or bungee cord for trailoring or storage.
To maintain your canvas and glass as well as prolonging its life, see our maintenance supplies and canvas and glass care information.

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