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We offer custom products including marine and non-marine items like awnings, firewood covers, grill covers, hot tub covers, kayak covers, log carriers, table covers, Surf Bike® covers, canvas bags, wine bags, enclosures for outdoor bars, Gore-tex® material applications, or anything else you might need covered. We have outfitted covers for bands including the Rolling Stones and Bryan Adams. We have even designed prototypes for governments projects and individual patent ideas.

Our custom cushions are available for both local and long distance covers and are a high quality with attention to details. You can design what you would like! Use our cushion measurement form for a quote.


Our rapid repair service is a cost effective way to get the most out of your canvas whether you are a local or long distance customer.

To maintain your canvas and glass as well as prolonging its life, see our maintenance supplies and canvas and glass care information.

Replace your isinglass and prolong your canvas. Use the glass calculator to estimate replacement.

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