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Sail Cover Form

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Please complete the form below and you will be contacted within one to two business days.

First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:


Boat Type:
Sunbrella Color:
Number of Cutouts:

Reinforcement Patches:

A= Circumference of Mast including halyards and winches you want inside the cover A=
B= Circumference Mast and Headboard B=
C= Height of Sacked Sail C=
D= Length of Sailcover measured to forward centerline of mast D=
E= 45 deg. Measurement from gooseneck E=
F= Circumference at Clew including Clew Car if present F=
G= Circumference of Sail at 1/4 of D G=
H= Circumference of Sail at 1/2 of D H=
I= Circumference of Sail at 3/4 of D I=
J= Please provide locations of Vang and Sheet so we will not put any fasteners in these locations. Measure these from forward centerline of mast aft. J=
K= Circumference from the boom around the headboard K=

Note: We prefer measurements G, H, and I to be measured every 3 feet for a better fit. If your boom is over 12 feet this may add extra measurements than what is shown on the picture. Use the General/Quote Form to email additional measurements if applicable.



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