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Waterproofing Canvas

We recommend that you reapply a water repellant such as 303 Fabric Guard® or Aqua-Tite® to prolong the life of your canvas products. After a yearly cleaning, this is definitely recommended, since water may no longer bead up on the canvas, the UV screening is depleted, and stain resistance is compromised. Be sure that you first wash and air dry your canvas as outlined above in the Sunbrella® Fabric Cleaning section. Follow the instructions on the bottle for each product- they recommend one or two coats of a light spray (more if necessary). The 303 Fabric Guard® covers up to 100 sq. ft. per aerosol can and 800 sq. ft. per gallon of spray. The Aqua-Tite® covers a minimum of 200 sq. ft. and can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on.

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